Physical Therapy Higher Education Training Online

Individuals that suffer from an injury are often required to work through some form of therapy. Students that are interested in the physical therapy industry have many educational training options at their disposal. Online colleges and universities provide students with training options at every level of education.

To enter a career students are required to obtain a masters degree. Physical, occupational, and rehabilitation therapy are the three main fields students can enter. Students that are pursuing careers as therapists will find numerous available programs online. In order to successfully be admitted into a graduate program, students need to complete a bachelors degree program. Students that complete a program in health science will obtain the undergraduate training needed to enroll in a masters program. Students may be required to complete hands-on training at a campus or physical therapy office in order to fulfill the clinical portion of their programs.

*Physical Therapy

Students that enter undergraduate training at the associates degree level are taught how to become physical therapy assistants. Students learn specific techniques such as hydrotherapy and traction to relieve pain felt by patients. The goal of training is to prepare students to assist therapists by helping patients learn how to use crutches, wheelchairs, and other equipment to increase their mobility while they heal. Education typically takes two years and prepares students for further education and professional work. Anatomy, kinesiology, and medical terminology are some course subjects explored in online training.

Students that complete an online health science program take their knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physiology into graduate study. Masters degree programs introduce students to the roles and responsibilities of a physical therapist. Students are immersed in courses that provide them with assessment and problem-solving abilities. Sports therapy, acute care, functional anatomy, and cardiorespiratory physiology are some online courses taken. Students are able to use this knowledge and apply it to promoting wellness and mobility in their patients. Further study at the doctoral level prepares students for academic careers and leadership positions as physical therapists.

*Occupational Therapy

Students that enter occupational therapy complete an undergraduate degree program that focuses on biology and physiology. Masters degree programs explore how to work with individuals who have lost their fine motor skills. Therapeutic technique, neuroscience, and biomechanical function are all courses that are included in an online program. The goal is to treat patients and help them regain their motor skills and reasoning ability.

*Rehabilitation Therapy

Students that enter training in this area of the field typically acquire a masters degree before entering the profession. Education focuses on teaching students about physical disabilities and how to rehabilitate patients. Coursework often includes subjects like mental health, physical dysfunction, and gerontology. The goal is to regain functional movement by working with clients on their performance.

Online physical therapy schools provide students with several training options. Students can begin training today by choosing the right accredited undergraduate or graduate degree program for their professional goals. Full accreditation comes from agencies like the Commission on Accreditation in Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), and is awarded to schools that offer quality training to students.

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